Pharmacy Services

Blood pressure testing

Regular blood pressure monitoring is recommended to reduce your risk of heart problems. Early detection of high blood pressure can limit damage to your heart and blood vessels, thus preventing more serious heart problems such as a heart attack. You can take advantage of our demonstration blood pressure machines and start monitoring your blood pressure for free today. 

Blood glucose testing

Blood glucose testing is a useful way to monitor your blood sugar levels and can detect potential diabetes which will require a doctor's referral. Our pharmacists can perform a blood glucose test, which involves pricking your finger with a small needle, drawing a small drop of blood from the finger and applying it to a test strip. The machine will read your blood glucose levels and your pharmacist will be able give you suitable advice from the reading.

Passport photos

We are capable of printing passport and visa photos for most countries. Photos can be printed and/or emailed to you depending on your preference.

Standard Photo (8 identical photos on a single sheet) - $14.99

Shared standard photo (2 identical photos for 2 people on a single sheet) - $14.99

Online Photo - $19.99

Online + printed photo - $24.99


Ear/nose piercing

We provide a clean and hygienic environment with aftercare products available to you. 

For ear piecing, prices range from $22.99 to $29.99, and $15.99 for single piercings. Nose piecing is $28.

We provide ear piecing services for 6 months of age and up. Please contact us for details.


Delivery service

Eligible local residents can request a delivery service. Please contact us for details.

Payment options

We accept the following forms of payments:

  • Payment express (Paywave)
  • Apple Pay
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • VISA
  • Direct Credit (Internet banking, phone banking)
  • Cash
  • Pharmacy guild voucher

Our reward system

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